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All the prawns listed below are raw

Below is the product range available although there are seasonal fluctuations outside of these parameters. If you cannot find what you require please contact our UK sales office who will be only too pleased to help you.

Frozen Raw litopenaeus vannamei Prawns

1) Whole Complete and uprocessed
2) Headless (Hless) Head removed, shell and tail in place
3) Tail-On (P&D or PUD) Head removed, peeled, tail "dipper" still in place
4) Butterfly (P&D) Tail-on, deveined, cut and laid open
5) Breaded Butterfly in breadcrumbs
6) Easy Peel (Hless) H/less with the shell scored down the back but left in place
7) Peeled Deveined (P&D) Head and tail removed, peeled with the vein cut out
8) Peeled Pull Veined (PPV) Head and tail removed, peeled with the vein pulled out
9) Peeled Undeveined (PUD) Head and tail removed, peeled but not deveined

Although not deveined our PUD prawns are starved for the last few days before harvest and so the veins are mostly clean.


Semi or individually quick frozen

Our Semi-IQF products are frozen using their natural moisture and a small amount of water making them easily separable into individual prawns. They come in 1 kilo inner boxes and there are 16 per outer case.

For IQF each prawn is individually quick frozen using a light glaze to capture and maintain freshness and quality. They come in 1 kilo inner bags and there are 14 per outer case.


All our inners are a standard 1 kilo net weight of prawns

Semi-IQF 1kg boxes; 16 per outer case

IQF 1kg bags; 14 per outer case

We believe our product to be excellent quality and value for money. We also know that there is a minefield of terminology out there (front counts, gross weights) which means you need a maths degree to work out what you are actually getting.

We believe in complete transparency. We call a spade a spade, a kilo of prawns a kilo of prawns:

1 kilo = 1 kilo of prawns, net weight.

Any ice or glaze used is above this weight and free of charge!

Count size = Real count

i.e. the number of prawns needed to make up the marked weight once they are processed to the required level


Whole / kg

40/50 45 22
50/60 55 18
60/70 65 15
70/80 75 13
80/100 90 11
100/120 110 9
120/150 135 7

* Approximate weight per prawn

Hless & value-added / lb

26/30 28 16
31/35 33 14
36/40 38 12
41/50 45.5 10
51/60 55.5 8
61/70 65.5 7
71/90 80.5 6
91/110 100.5 5
111/130 120.5 4

* Approximate weight per prawn

1 kilo = 2.2 lbs
1 lb = 0.454 kilos
1 kilo = 1000 grams
Samples available on request


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